What is an urgent complaint?
An urgent complaint is one that cannot wait until the next working day because further damage may occur or because living enjoyment is severely hindered.

I have a blockage in the house (bathroom, kitchen, toilet, and gutters).
Before contacting us, according to the ‘Decision on Minor Repairs,’ you must first try to resolve the blockage yourself. This can be done using a plunger or a drain snake, which are available at a DIY store. Gutters that are easily accessible for the tenant, for example with a step ladder, must be cleaned by the tenant. Cleaning of hard-to-reach or leaking gutters is the responsibility of Haavens. If you believe that the repair does not fall under the tenant’s responsibility, you can submit a repair request.

I have received an invoice after a repair request.
This means we believe these costs fall under your responsibility. If you disagree and have consulted the ‘Decision on Minor Repairs’ list/the rental contract, you can file an objection via email. We will then process your objection.

How do I submit a repair request?
Ask My Haavens Service Chatbot!

Which costs are mine as a tenant and which are the landlord’s?
You can find the division for rental properties on the Rijksoverheid website via the link “Decision on Minor Repairs.” For commercial spaces, we refer to the rental contract and the general terms and conditions associated with the rental contract.

How can I get a key copied?
Non-certified keys can be copied by a locksmith. In case of loss or theft of the key to your own front door, you will need to have the cylinder replaced by a locksmith at your own expense. When requesting a certified key, please submit a repair request, indicating the key code, type, and brand. There are costs associated with this.

My heating is not working
If your home is connected to a collective central heating system, you can submit a repair request. If you have an individual boiler, we advise you to check and/or perform the following before submitting a repair request:

For appliances without a pilot light, first press the reset button and/or unplug the appliance for 1 minute.

If the problem persists, check:

  • (For appliances with a pilot light) if the pilot light is on. If not, relight it.
  • If the appliance is in operation mode and the plug is properly connected.
  • If the fuses (stoppers) in the meter box are intact and/or the earth leakage switch is not in the ‘OFF’ position.
  • If there is sufficient water in the system (at least 1.5 bar). If not, refill the water. Refer to our filling and venting instructions or watch the instructional video.
  • If the gas taps are not closed (e.g., in the meter box).
  • If you hear gurgling sounds. In this case, vent the system and, if necessary, refill it. Use our filling and venting instructions.
  • If the room thermostat is set high enough.
  • If no hot water tap is dripping (in combi boilers).
  • If enough radiator valves are open for proper flow; the aerator (filter in the tap) / showerhead is lime-free and clean.
  • If the issue persists after following these tips, you can submit a repair request via Mijn Haavens Service.

I have a leak, what should I do?
Note: In case of a severe water leak, always close the main valve first.

Before submitting a repair request, we advise you to first investigate/check the following:

  • Where is the leak coming from? What is the possible cause?
  • Ask neighbors (if applicable).
  • Check the bathroom sealants and grout lines.
  • Inspect the plumbing.
  • Check taps.
  • For roof leaks: Is it a tiled roof or a flat (bitumen) roof?
  • By providing the correct information, we can better direct the appropriate parties for repairs. When sending requests via Mijn Haavens Service, we highly appreciate photos to clarify the complaint.