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How do I terminate the lease of my rental property?
You can do this using the lease termination form above.

What is the notice period for my rental contract?
Generally, it is one calendar month, but this can vary depending on your contract. Please refer to your rental agreement. A calendar month means that you need to terminate the agreement before the end of the current month, which will then end on the last day of the following month.

When does my rental contract expire?
This depends on the terms agreed upon in your rental contract, which could be for a fixed or indefinite period. Please refer to your rental agreement for details.

How do I need to hand over my rental property?
After you have terminated the lease, the property will be inspected twice. The initial inspection (pre-inspection) will occur as soon as possible after you submit your termination notice. The final inspection will take place before the end of the rental agreement, during which the keys will also be returned. You will receive an invitation from Mijn Haavens Service to schedule both inspections.

During the initial inspection, we will visit to inspect the property together with you. During this visit, we will note any defects or changes to the property. Clear agreements will then be made regarding any necessary corrections or adjustments that you are responsible for. The purpose of the initial inspection is to give you the opportunity to return the property to its original state, which can save time and money. We will review these agreements during the final inspection.
For more information about the final handover and the condition of your property, please consult the End Inspection Checklist using the button below.

How do I get my security deposit back?
If the property is handed over correctly, the security deposit will be refunded to your known bank account within two weeks. If the property is not handed over correctly, any necessary work will be carried out at your expense, and these costs will be deducted from your security deposit.