We are Haavens. A professional real estate manager in charge of a portfolio boasting 1,800 homes in downtown Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. We’re very proud of our portfolio, which consists of characteristic, often historic buildings in city centres. By investing smartly in these buildings, we are able to develop high-quality homes that give city centres a sustainable quality boost. And, most importantly, we want to be the kind of landlord that our tenants can count on. Haavens, it’s good to be home.

Work method

Real estate

By investing smartly, we are able to develop high-quality homes; modern, stylish and comfortable apartments that are also future-proof thanks to the sustainability measures we take and our comprehensive technical maintenance.

Work method


Our tenants come first: at Haavens we do nothing less than our best to give them a comfortable home in the city. We are proud of our real estate and trust our tenants to take good care of it. In the same way, our tenants can trust us to take good care of them. We aim to be an excellent landlord, therefore we work closely together with partners who share our ambition.

Core values

→ Enterprising – We don’t wait around, but take decisive action to achieve our goals.

→ Proud – Our portfolio is built on solid foundations. By properly maintaining and managing the characteristic, often heritage properties, we contribute to the quality of the city – and that’s something we’re really proud of.

→ Inspired – With a healthy dose of energy and positivism, we bring creative and innovative ideas to life.

→ Caring – We are proactive in identifying situations that may become an issue, using resourcefulness and empathy to always find the best solution. And we haven’t forgotten that satisfied tenants also deserve our attention. We communicate clearly, quickly and transparently. Our contact is characterised by a personal approach.

→ Future-oriented – Our focus is on the future; we constantly look for ways to add value to the assets in our portfolio through sustainable and durable construction.

→ Sincere – Integrity means a lot to us and we stand by our standards and values, even when they are under external pressure. We are accountable for our behaviour and the choices we make at all times.

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work method



Sustainability plays an important role at Haavens. We are happy to contribute to a greater housing supply in our most attractive cities and are willing to invest in older, vacant properties with the aim of renovating them according to modern and sustainable standards.

The moment Haavens takes on large-scale renovation projects in vacant properties, it invests in sustainability. LED lighting, insulated walls, HR++ glazing, roof and floor insulation and high-efficiency boilers are standard specifications in every renovation.

Even if you have been renting through us for longer, we want to help make your home more sustainable and are happy to discuss the options with you. Haavens has already sustainably renovated more than 27% of its housing portfolio. This way we don’t merely increase the housing supply, but also promote a more sustainable way of living.

You too can contribute by living as sustainably as possible in your home. For tips, we refer you to My Rental Guide.


Excessive noise, maintenance issues or communication problems: something can always go wrong. Do you have a complaint about Haavens? Please tell us. Then we can sit down with you and find the right solution.